I do love Pronto Pups too . I’m not very adventurous (you can keep your fried Twinkies and “Reuben Balls”). And finally, I simply don’t see what’s so boring about good ol’ funnel cakes. Boston had 10 different owners in its early years. He helped out clandestinely under the table, giving them money. I think the AFL would have collapsed without Ralph.

Pittsburgh has ripped off five straight wins and is closing in on a second straight AFC North title. Green Bay is just 1 3 since Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone, putting its streak of eight consecutive playoff berths in serious jeopardy. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman, File).

Well, for Jason Collins it means he gets a chance to compete again. After coming out last April, not one team extended him an invitation to training camp. Collins nevertheless remained in game shape, hoping for another shot at playing in the NBA. If you didn’t draft one of the stud quarterbacks, you might be struggling with which quarterback to start. Carson Palmer is a bit of a sleeper for the first week of the season. San Diego was terrible at defending the pass a year ago, and Arizona has a healthy number of weapons heading into the season.

Peterson initially denied to Children’s staff that the baby fell. He later told Children’s staff he wasn’t truthful and he dropped her in the sink, where she hit the front of her head on the sink’s divider and became unresponsive. A doctor from Midwest Children’s Resource Center, a department at Children’s specializing in child abuse, examined the girl and determined her injuries couldn’t have been caused by the fall Peterson described.

“The Ravens offered Friday or Saturday, but the two school presidents [Calvert Hall president Brother Thomas Zoppo and Loyola president Rev. Thomas A. Pesci] wanted to keep the game on Thanksgiving morning. Pointer, 28, appeared in eight NFL games with the St. Louis Rams over two seasons (2012 13), registering six defensive tackles. He has also spent time in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2014 and, most recently, the Baltimore Ravens last season.

This week, he compared his three year tenure at Michigan to the excellent movie Redemption. Almost felt like Andy Dufresne in the Redemption, Rodriguez Colin Cowherd. Through 300 yards of the foulest smelling crap you can imagine. Dear son of Hilde Silcher (Gerhard predeceased) and brother Rob (Cathy). Will be missed by in laws Denis, Carole, Alain, Sylvie, Helene and Pierre “Pete”. Missed most of all by dog Lucy.

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