If you haven’t seen it replayed 647 times already, you know that the Lions were driving for the potential winning touchdown. On third and two from the Seattle 12, Stafford zipped a pass to the redoubtable Calvin Johnson, who pivoted and headed to the end zone. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas “closed my eyes and went low.” Kam Chancellor, the Holdout Kid, closed from the other side and “saw a lot of brown” football and punched it from Johnson’s grasp inches before he crossed the plane..

You’re biased, of course, but that goes with being a Packers fan and believing all other teams in the league have been put there merely for the Packers to beat. I don’t know what the rule is; I’m not a big celebration guy. What I will tell you is that I would have a serious problem with the rule on leaping into the stands favoring one team.

Obviously, it’s easy to come to unreasonably optimistic conclusions on the second day of camp. For the most part, you’re watching guys run around with literally no one in front of them. On the times you’re seeing the receiver actually go up against someone on defense, it’s usually in single coverage with no pads.

TERRELLE THE CHEERLEADER: Josh Doctson started over Terrelle Pryor, who signed a one year, $8 million contract to be the No. 1 guy in the off season. Pryor had only two catches for 14 yards and has been a bust so far. This involves not just building a web site, which is in itself a learning curve, there is also the need to be able to write compelling ad copy, an effective marketing plan, sorting out payment processors and cash flow, all of these things are best planned in advance for smooth implementation, for when you are setting things up for trading. The company for whom you are an affiliate will provide you with an affiliate link, which is a special URL code that will identify you as the source of the customer TMs introduction to the company, so you can see for yourself that your marketing plan is sound and producing results. This means that the only skill you need to master initially is that of marketing, you do not even need to build a website or handle the transaction..

Side: At first glance this game jumps off the page as a number that is way too tall for a divisional round playoff game. The Panthers have played great football over the past month and are currently riding a five game win streak which includes a postseason win. However, the team they done it against have not exactly been the most impressive list.

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