So, the anniversary has passed and it has been 20 years since the hiring of Gary Bettman as commissioner of the NHL. And that alone is enough to depress Andrea Bargnani . The marketing world has gone weird when all the ads for Sunday football game focus on the Gangnam Style guy and none of them mention Russell Wilson.

Zip! Zip! This month election returns arrived with the speed of light illuminating television screens. It wasn always that way. There was a time when the County Clerk Office opened a series of boxes to count paper ballots. Marvel at the magnitude of Seattle’s Central Library. This 11 story building, plus it’s 26 other neighborhood branches, packs a whooping 2.3 million books! The exterior is an elaborate blend of glass and steel that stands out from the rest of the neighboring buildings. Inside, you will be awestruck as you walk through the enormous open “living room.” The ability to look up and see every story inside the exquisite glass skeleton is astonishing..

Deflated footballs got more attention than damaged brains. 22 Sports section about the problem of concussions in the NFL, a production error caused the last name of Dr. Ann McKee to be misspelled as McFee. They don’t have one right now. And who knows what Quincy Enunwa can offer in 2018, coming off neck surgery? He is a fine receiver, but not a star. Plus, can the Jets count on Anderson, after he was arrested twice in nine months? And Kearse is entering the final year of his contract in 2018..

When I invested in the ground transportation company in Florida, I invested moreso as a friend than an investor. My biggest lesson there was understanding that friends are friends and business is business. If you plan to invest for business, you need to really be patient and make sure it something you believe in, not just the concept but the person behind the company..

Brooklyn: I am appalled that President Trump has turned his back on Puerto Rico after this devastating hurricane. Military. Wars to keep our shores safe from our enemies, since we love our home, the United States. “I don’t want to give us too much credit, I think we can be a lot better, that’s why I kind of take a step back,” Haula said. “I like to be critical. As a line I think we can do a better job in getting to the net and creating some more shot opportunities.”.

Yale. Attackmen dodge, middies watch. Middies dodge with no clearouts, the attackmen watch. You never know what might come out of the blue (pun intended). Let look at the most surprising Boise State draft picks of the past 10 years, in reverse chronological order. Just last year, offensive lineman Rees Odhiambo was a surprise that he was drafted, but that he went in the third round to Seattle.

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