“The encouraging thing is that you want to see improvement every week. I’d say the first three quarters of that game was certainly an improvement over the first two weeks,” Brees said. “It starts really with consistency. FILE In this 1972 file photo, Miami Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian poses for a photo in Miami. Yepremian, the former NFL kicker who helped the Dolphins win consecutive NFL championships but is best remembered for a Super Bowl blooper, died Friday, May 15, 2015, of cancer. He was 70.

From the preseason through the regular season in 2012, there were 63 ACL sprains and 132 MCL sprains; 2013 had 62 and 136; 2014 noted 49 and 139; and, 2015 had 56 and 170Interestingly, the report reflected a higher incidence of injury rate on Sunday and Monday games versus Thursday games from 2012 through 2015 with 2014 having the highest number of Sunday and Monday game injuries.In order to answer the question as to the NFL’s “physical health,” we must first establish its population, which has been historically subject to the injury outbreak. With 32 NFL teams, each with an opening day roster of 53 men, the total number of active players in the NFL community is 1696 the at risk population.Based on a review of the injury data, Edward Trapido, Associate Dean for Research and Professor of Epidemiology (the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states and events in specified populations) at the LSU School of Public Health New Orleans, stated that, “injuries are endemic in the NFL.”Why? “Unlike an epidemic, in which number of cases (or preferably, the rate of injury occurrence) in a specific population rises over time, reaches a high point, and falls back to the baseline over a specific time period, an endemic situation is one where the number per year remains relatively steady,” noted Trapido.Lee Kaplan, an orthopaedic surgeon and Medical Director of the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute, University of Miami Athletics, and the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team, agrees with Trapido.”Based on the data,” commented Kaplan, “I would not consider this epidemic, but that injuries exist at this rate with current exposures. One thought was that there may be more knee injuries with rule changes re: high hits because of head injuries.

CT) in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIV, when the Saints defeated the Colts 31 17 on Feb. 7, 2010. The following Sunday, the Saints will travel to the St. At that point, there were several teams that called but the only one I was going to was Kansas City because Andy Reid being there. I knew he’s a man who always believed in me no matter what. He drafted me.

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