North Little Rock Police Department said on Thursday that Jim Gilot, 32, shot and killed co worker Chasity Cannady, 19, as she sat inside her car in a parking lot. He then turned the gun on himself. Both were dead at the scene when officers arrived..

Imagine living in a town populated by young, toned, athletic mini gods at the peak of their physical prime. Imagine that they’ve all dedicated years of their lives to disciplining their hot, fatless bodies for a shot to live in this little town for a few weeks. And here they are, all 10,000 of them, minus their parents and spouses and the daily regimens that have governed their lives up to this point, in an exotic location, with lots of spare time.

Hence the desire for a deal. Villegas is a low level target let’s face it, she was basically one of Rothstein’s custodians but a potentially very high level witness. You might be thinking, “Isn’t Rothstein himself telling the feds everything they need to know?” On a lot of fronts, sure, but he’s not exactly a stellar witness himself, since he is a giant criminal and rampant liar and all.

7 Alabama. He is the fourth tight end coached by Bielema that has been drafted, joining current NFL tight ends Lance Kendricks (St. Spaight was chosen early in the fifth round, becoming the 23rd Razorback linebacker all time to be drafted. For those whoviewed the “NFC Playoff Handicap” in this space on Tuesday, perhaps you read between the lines of those ranking to gather that I see the Green Bay Packers coming here for the Divisional Playoff next Sunday. For that to scenario to occur, the Pack would obviously have to fell the Arizona Cardinals late Sunday afternoon while the Philadelphia Eagles would need to beat the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night. Although it’s a rarity for both away teams to win on Wild Card weekend, I believe it will occur in what is a wonderfully deep NFC field..

Outlook: After his two touchdown performance in the final game of the Broncos preseason, you have to believe Peyton Manning is going to look to Decker early and often. I owned him last year, and he paid off for me big time with Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow throwing him the ball. He now has arguably the best pure passer in the history of the game tossing him the rock..

Of course, there’s also the matter of the even larger contract IMECO stands to land if the city council approves the company’s latest bid, for $270,000 on a landscaping project. Galvin doesn’t know if that contract vote will go through, given the heat the city is taking for the sidewalks deal. But he doesn’t want his fellow council members to approve IMECO without first asking some questions about the company..

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