Not an outright blazer but can run fast enough to separate from most corners downfield. Is only okay on contested balls but is a natural on deep to intermediates routes. Has big hands for his size and has shown an aptitude for the spectacular contested deep catch.

SPEAKING OF AWARDS Flames heart and soul Mark Giordano added another eye popper to his off ice resume earlier this week, accepting the Paul Harris Fellowship Award from the Calgary Rotary Club. It another nod to Giordano commitment to community service. His hardware collection already included the NHL Foundation Player Award (2016) and ESPN Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award (2017).

This afternoon we will have a lot of sunshine with a few clouds in the sky. High temperatures on Saturday will be in the lower to mid 70s. Average high temperatures for the middle of October are in the upper 50s to lower 60s, so we will be well above that.

Neurauter, on the other hand, was of previous good character. His guilty plea and ensuing conviction will follow him forever. To suggest the targeting of this young man was done in the name of campus security is offensive. If you want to be political do it on your own dime not mine. Your only value in my life is entertainment period.”.

On The NFL Today on CBS Sports, Boomer Esiason checked in with this gem: I think the fine is woefully soft. $100,000 is nothing to him. He s made about $51 million, or will make that guaranteed. I very excited to have a man with that kind of focus coming back to lead your program. This is something he has been preparing for, for a very long time. I excited to see him move up the ranks and get this opportunity.

The one thing we remember about Dan Marino apart from his laser rocket arm and his amazing ability to wreck ass was that he would get monumentally pissed at his teammates whenever they’d screw up. Be it a missed block, running the wrong route, or dropping a pass, Marino would stare a hole into a player anytime they fell short of his demigod like demands. The man has always demanded the absolute best in himself and his teammates..

“To make progress, you have to add a little more to see how you respond, whether positively or negatively,” Miller said. “I guess that will let you know if you ready to take the next step. Obviously, today was a heavy day. Of course, like a nosy dad who can’t wait to find out when he’s having grandkids, Irvin found his way back to the topic. “They sound so sweet over here, hubby and wife,” he said. “You guys got to keep this (video) and show it to your kids one day.

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