Hey, name a Packers defensive player? Exactly. Hey, name an actual running back on the roster who does not wear a number in the 80s? Exactly. Rodgers is the best we ever seen at the toughest job in all of sports. Due to a fire at our restaurant this morning, we are closed indefinitely effective immediately and all reservations are canceled. We thank you for your business and support at this time. We look forward to re opening soon and will keep you up to date on any new information that we receive.” Salar Restaurant and Lounge Facebook Page statement..

Nobody in the legislature drives the New Democrats wild with indignation quite like Wilkinson.And that includes Premier John Horgan, whose hair trigger temper is famously easy to trip.Wilkinson could bring out the worst in Hulk Horgan. Watching these two alpha males lock horns will be entertaining, for sure.But here a bigger question for the Liberals: Can Wilkinson appeal to the voters they must woo back in order to re take power?At age 60, he was the oldest candidate in the leadership race. At a time when the Liberals need to win back the support of young working families in the suburbs, he seems more like the poster boy for the downtown jet set.Wilkinson seems to realize the challenge himself, admitting need younger, keener, brighter, faster more diverse candidates in the next election.He also seems to realize the need to soften his own intellectually superior, upper class image.Wilkinson frequently reminded people during the campaign that he spent much of his youth in Kamloops, where he enjoyed and fishing.It much easier to picture him sitting around a corporate board room sipping champagne and telling tales of hostile corporate takeovers.Despite these limitations, Wilkinson could become a very effective leader of the opposition.job is to drive the wedge between them, he said, while vowing to quickly shake things up in Victoria.hoping that we make question period so newsworthy that you guys won have to carry other stories, he told reporters.It will be interesting to see if the Liberals try to soften Wilkinson hard edges in attempt to make him more friendly and likable..

The Icon divides its tapas by temperature and cold you don have to feel constrained by artificial categorizations. In other words, you can feel perfectly free to dive into a plate of the cold braised octopus (in a mango pur preserved lemon and smoked paprika aioli, no less) and then pivot to a warm one lined with bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese and drizzled with a maple balsamic reduction. The latter looks like a cooked meat version of an artistic sushi roll.

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