What happened in Charlottesville about monuments is distracting and divisive, McCaskill said Wednesday. Charlottesville should really be about is unifying this country against hatred and bigotry. Who is up for re election next year in a state Trump won in 2016, called the division in the country and said she wished the President focus more about the unification piece of this than picking things that would continue to divide us.

WOULD GOV. RICK SCOTT REMOVE LES MILLER FROM OFFICE?The same state law that forbids local governments from enacting their own gun rules also allows the governor to remove any local official who does so. Does that mean Gov. Unfathomable, James said. Something you would love to wash away from your mind, but you can do it. There nothing like it.

The meal is part of an annual fundraiser held on opening day each year for DCLL.Lutz, FL When fans of the Gaither High baseball team pack their home stadium this season, they will be watching the Cowboys play on the No. 1 high school field in America.The award comes with one ton of playing Turface, the material that helps dry the infield, and $400 to help with maintenance costs.Gaither’s first home game was part of the Saladino Pre Season Tournament on Tuesday, Feb. 8 against Wharton.The first home district contest is against Hillsborough High on Tuesday, Feb.Land O’ Lakes, FL Lennar will host a “Brooks vs.

The current mayor since 2011, the arrogant and ineffective Rahm Emanuel, has catered to his rich folks base (with “the actions of a mad king”). And he has treated the majority of Chicagoans with destructive disdain, whether he’s closing their schools, attacking teachers and other public employees, or ignoring police brutality and killing. (As a congressman in 2002, Emanuel supported the Iraq War right out of the box.) He is endorsed by major Chicago media that laud his “significant accomplishments,” but they can’t seem to name any.

Is going to try to make our team better and our organization better. It exciting. Hopefully we can work something out when this season is done and get this team headed in the right direction. AND THEN THE AUDIENCE THAT GETS A SAY IN IT AS WELL,WHICH IS PRETTY COOL. REGISTRATION IS THROUGH THELIGHT CITY WEBSITE. THE WINNING COMPANY GETS AMARKETING PACKAGE WORTH OVER$200,000 THAT STARTS WITH THENFL DRAFT.

Oh, and when was the last time a supermodel married, dated, or even considered lining up for a night behind an offensive center? Never, that’s when. In today’s celebrity hierarchy, QBs are King. Patriots’ Tom Brady has supermodel Gisele, while the league’s other poor pivots have to settle for starlets, swimsuit models, reality stars, and such.

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