With Mesut Ozil injured, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain took on the German’s role against Stoke, but did not prove as effective. The graphic on the left shows his passes in that game, while the graphic on the right displays Ozil’s distribution against Liverpool in Arsenal’s previous game. Ozil played more passes into the area than Oxlade Chamberlain, with three of them key (yellow arrow)Must do better?Arsenal may never get as good a chance to win the league as they will this season, with the challenge from their traditional title rivals faltering..

They’re really good, that was when Danny Wuerffel was the Heisman Trophy winner. I remember saying [before the first drive], ‘Jimbo, what looks good?’ He goes ‘everything.’ You had to appreciate that. Nobody says everything. As Brandon rushed to the airport after the news conference to hit the road in search of a new head coach, he called me. He is an astute evaluator of talent. You look at our roster today, (compared) to how it was assembled three years ago, I think you will see that it much improved, and we are very excited to have Buddy continue to run our football operation.

Wisconsin: The Badgers have the nation No. 1 defense in yards allowed (253.2 per game) and are No. 2 in scoring defense (13.2 per game). However, things got away from the Lady Marauders from there. After committing just three turnovers in the first quarter, Bishop Guilfoyle made eight in the second and five more in the third. It also was just 2 for 9 from the foul line over the middle two periods, while getting outrebounded 21 13 over that span..

Jeff Sessions he is been our mentor. This seat is Jeff Sessions’ seat. That is why tomorrow I hope the folks in Alabama send another righteous man like Jeff Sessions, I hope they send Judge Moore into the runoff with the Democrat.. By April, NBC News had two big scoops in its pocket: an on record interview with McGowan and the explosive audio of Weinstein admitting to sexual assault. But Farrow was told by multiple NBC News executives and producers that the reporting and interviews he had conducted weren sufficient for a televised story. According to four sources, Farrow and McHugh also prepared a lengthy text story to run on the NBC News website, but Farrow was told it wouldn run..

The Falcons are on track for fewest kickoff returns in NFL history. Otherwise, the Bills and Cardinals are on pace for the fewest since the 1944 New York Giants lowered the limbo bar to 17. Those Giants played 10 regular season games and didn’t let their opponents tee it up often, allowing 75 points and posting five shutouts..

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