Niki Tsongas, a Lowell Democrat, and her Republican challenger Ann Wofford, faced off in a debate at the Devens Common Center, 31 Andrews Parkway, Devens on Monday morning. Asking the last question at the debate is James Campanini the Sun Editor. SUN/JOHN LOVE.

Understand what we are going up against and we understand what happens this week, so we know that fully well, Bowles said. Have to continue to do the things that we have been doing. If we try to do anything else, then we won have a chance to win. The system is not reformable the entire thing needs to change.” Some say they foresee neighborhoods policed by unarmed community members instead of by the state’s armed guards. Others admit that they’re unsure what a post police world would look like specifically, but for them the current situation is so untenable that anything else is preferable. But they also know that the problem is greater than the moment when an officer confronts a black citizen.

Because the league sages rewarded a disproportionate share of the four fan votes in Super Bowl XXXVII to Tampa Bay free safety Dexter Jackson, defensive end Simeon Rice was blocked from winning the Most Valuable Player award last Sunday night. But there is one more chance for Rice, a guy on a mission, to claim a postseason MVP honor. In the Pro Bowl, look for Rice to continue the reign of terror he has enacted on enemy quarterbacks, although he’ll get some solid resistance this time.

In distinguishing situations in which it is legal or illegal for a “flexed tight end” to block an opposing defender below the waist, the Official Rules and Casebook of the NFL specifically contemplates that a tight end may be aligned “with his inside foot 2 1/2 yards outside the right tackle’s outside foot.” Ex. 9, at 3718. The NFLPA argues that this evidence supports its position “because the distances referenced for a tight end, even in the flexed location, are only between 1 1/2 yards and 2 1/2 yards away from the tackle, which is essentially the same distance that the NFLPA and Mr.

Gen. Army commander and served as governor of the southern Philippines mainly Muslim Moro province between 1909 and 1913. Was consolidating its control over the Philippines, which it had won as a result of the Spanish American War. “Birds are well studied and great indicators of the health of the wider environment. A species at higher risk of extinction is a worrying alarm call that action needs to be taken now. Thankfully success in kiwi and pelican conservation shows that, when well resourced and supported, conservation efforts really do pay off.” Dr Ian Burfield, Global Science Coordinator, BirdLife International.

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