Saints head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Dennis Allen have won a Super Bowl and coached in several playoff games. They know what it takes to win these kinds of games. Payton’s counterpart, Mike Zimmer, will be coaching in only the second playoff game of his head coaching career.

It a very good question. It true that he ran up the numbers against lesser teams including Notre Dame. But since he put up such crazy (many said John Madden video game stats) numbers in the beginning, his lesser numbers were overlooked. Terry enjoyed the outdoors and loved to take long road trips out west as well as spending time at the Ingram farm in Pembine. He loved spending time in the mountains, hunting with family and friends and driving the old Oliver tractor through the woods at the farm, he truly was at home out in nature. It was no surprise that this love of nature and education led Terry to become heavily involved in the Boy Scouts of America and The Order of the Arrow where he proudly mentored many as Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Adviser to the Otyokwa Lodge..

He was a true people person. Until this past summer and for the past 40 years, he worked side by side with his son, Chris and daughter, Kathy. He considered working with his children a real blessing in his life. “The national anthem speaks of oneness and not division; it speaks of hope and unity, of poverty to wealth, from the ghetto to the Presidency. The Biblical principle of sowing and reaping is in effect here. Sow discord and we reap discord.

From the scandalous Lingerie Bowl to the . Uh . Ahh, who am I kidding. But a reversal in this relationship is coming in the next 10 to 20 years, Sorensen predicted, because retailers are losing control. Their in house discounts and promotions used to be the main criteria that customers considered before making a purchase. But many consumers now walk into a store to make a purchase only after using the Internet to research what brand they want to buy, downloading a manufacturer coupon to their phones, or reading consumer reviews about the products that interest them.

Might the 23 year old for whom the Edmonton Oilers once surrendered two high draft picks and later lost in the expansion draft still be a Player Of Interest for the local side? Let start there since it is more immediately relevant, then reflect on the longer story. I think he’s an upgrade over what they have now in Auvitu. Remember priority until November 1st is based on last season’s standings.

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