“When (the injury) first happened, I was like, ‘I’ll be good. I’ll be back in a week or two,’ ” Smith said. “It didn’t get all big and black and blue and all crazy. And until we’re eliminated, we ain’t tanking here, either. More bad news for those in team tank: the Mavericks are entering a stretch of home games against sub .500 teams. Given their performances against current playoff teams, Dallas may gain ground on that elusive 8 seed.

The driver of the Jeep, 25 year year old Matthew Hahn Sr. Of Greensburg, was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital. Sixteen year old James Supler, also in the Jeep, was taken to Decatur County Hospital. What makes Mike Inglis special is that he somehow mixes being a complete Miami Heat homer with telling it like it is, even when it is not good for the local boys. He has a way with words, good and bad, that makes him Miami’s favorite sportscaster. When things are going well, nobody is better.

Think he a freakish athlete, Pederson said. Into it right now, I not going to limit him. I want to see how much I can give him and see how much he can handle. We also learned after what’s been deemed “the biggest payday in sports,” MannyPacquiao is being sued for failing to disclose a shoulder injury. Pacquiao lost his boxing match to Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a unanimous decision and has since had shoulder surgery.

Hate to use the words institution, but there no other way to put it, really, Gifford told The Associated Press in 1993. Nothing else like it. Handsome straight shooter who came off as earnest and sincere, Gifford was popular with viewers, even if some accused him of being a shill for the NFL..

Withdrawal from the deal. Senate committee on foreign relations, only days after the latest round of NAFTA discussions ended in Montreal with guarded optimism about the future. Senators on the committee, who were largely united in their belief that while NAFTA needs to be modernized, the deal itself had been a boon to their country and North America..

Lack of investment in affordable housing not only hits families in the wallet every month, it also affects quality of life and hurts the ability of businesses to recruit workers. Failure to invest adequately in public transit leaves our cities choked with traffic congestion, pollution and crashes each hugely costly. And shortchanging public transit also means that instead of creating housing, parks, community and child care centres, valuable urban land is wasted making more room for transportation by private vehicles.

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