The same can be said about the loser in the UCLA versus California battle. Stanford has to wait and see if it will be playing in the Pac 12 title game. On the basketball courts yesterday, Cal finished off an awful trip to Hawaii with another loss. Prince Miller from Byrnes has played in the NFL the last couple years. He had a good career at Georgia after a terrific high school career where he was teammates with Willy Korn. I know Prince has played some with the Baltimore Ravens and he is currently listed with the Buffalo Bills..

Eggs are a good source of protein for Olympic athletes but 15,000 eggs for one team is a bit much. Due to a translation error, the chefs for the Norwegian Olympic team apparently put in a mistaken order for 15,000 eggs when they really wanted 1,500 and a big truckload of eggs showed up at the Olympic Village, chef Stale Johansen told NTB, a Norwegian news agency. They were able to send some of the eggs back.

By searching “following me” Facebook is actually going to return search results of other users with the words “following me” in their profile information. These people are likely NOT following you. You can block them one at a time if you like but it doubtful those people have even heard of you..

Samsung, the world largest maker of smartphones and key component suppliers of many of the tech companies featured in the report, saw its greenhouse gas emissions rise 24 per cent in 2016 from two years ago. It also received low marks on its efforts to reduce and disclose hazardous chemicals at workplaces and to design long lasting products.Samsung Electronics did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.Chinese smartphone makers Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, which have gained a significant market share in the last few years, have scored below average in all categories and lacked transparency and commitment in renewable energy, the report said.Among the 17 companies, Amsterdam based Fairphone and Apple were assessed to be performing better in various areas.Greenpeace urged the companies to use more renewable energy, especially switching the energy sources that power their supply chains. It also urged the tech companies to remove hazardous chemicals and other materials from their products and workplaces and design longer lasting devices to help reduce waste.If the tech industry does not change to renewable energy, the world won be able to tackle climate change, said Greenpeace campaigner Lee Insung.the next three to five years, the use of renewable energy and how well the companies cope with climate change will determine their core competitiveness, Lee said..

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