But Gleason also finds purpose in establishing Team Gleason, a nonprofit designed to help others with ALS improve their lives and get access to critical technology. Slowly, he learns to use his wheelchair and the eye tracking software that will allow him to speak in something resembling his own voice thanks to the voice banking he did before losing his speech entirely. Once he begins to talk again through this machine, his words are startlingly eloquent and nuanced..

If I thought people’s math skills were sorely lacking I’d be tempted to sneak this in as the secret 11th on the Top 10. It was my favorite opening of the year (technically FarmTable Kitchen opened in 2014). Hope Montgomery and Jason Ruhe’s quirky personal vision yielded the kind of intimate independent restaurant for which St.

5 Ohio State (I’d have voted Auburn ahead of Wisconsin, but that’s another story). You’d still have debate about the last at large spot but you’re not leaving out an entire Power Five conference or, like this year, the entire West. And this field would do nothing to damage the regular season.

If the Senators somehow make it back into the playoff race, they have a better shot as the third seed in the Atlantic than as a wild card As dire as the situation appears in Montreal, the Canadiens could pass the Senators in the standings with a victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday. If not then, the Canadiens could overtake the Senators during Wednesday meeting at the Bell Centre, which kicks off the Senators ridiculous seven game road trip When the clubs met Oct. 30 at Canadian Tire Centre, the Senators were 5 1 5 and the Canadiens were 3 7 1, eight points back..

I still feel that it is my city, however. Just in a different way. The first two games against the Chicago White Sox on Monday and Tuesday were canceled. He stepping up and moving around. He tough to get to. He playing at a very high level. As you can see from the above image, National Geographic, the official magazine of the National Magazine Society, have evolved exponentially due to effective marketing campaigns and they have now become the second largest brand on Instagram, with 74.2 million followers (National Geographic, 2017; Instagram, 2017a). National Geographic closely follow Nike, who currently have 70.5 million followers (Instagram, 2017b). This is an interesting result, because it shows how two completely different companies have managed to excel on the same social media platform.

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