10. Steve McMichael Mongo, maybe the wildest of the wild ones from this era. From wrestling to hunting to being an insta quote for the media, Steve McMichael was a continuing source of amusement. The Steelers are coming off getting embarrassed by the Jaguars 30 9 last week at home while Big Ben threw 5 interceptions. Roethlisberger has historically been much better at home than on the road and while the Chiefs defense gives up yards, they tend to be very turnover opportunistic. Oh, and the Steelers run defense is 28th in the league and they now facing the league leading rusher in Kareem Hunt.

He commanded the play. Good leaders do that, they rise to the occasion. We didn get to the carrot though, and that was the problem. Fact that I played football tends to get our foot in the door to maybe some closed minded people who wouldn necessarily take a look at getting help. Or they can relate maybe more to a guy who had everything, seemingly had everything, wasted it all, and has found this peaceful life. Only the Chargers were so lucky.

It takes about three years or more to effectively judge a draft class, but the 2014 version isn’t off to a hot start. The first full offseason is traditionally the most important for an NFL player. Smith said that he doesn’t know which position he’ll start at but that the “offseason will be real critical for me.”.

Zimmer wanted a balanced offense with a precision passing game to complement his organization’s focus on defense, rather than Turner’s downfield passing attack that could force the defense back onto the field after a single play. Under new coordinator Pat Shurmur, the Vikings started to find offense without the normal investments: Quarterback Case Keenum was an undrafted free agent. So was wide receiver Adam Thielen.

I was just curious to know how far along the plans are to solve the parking problem around the Titletown District project. A lot of parking space will be lost with the project and for a team that is always sold out (even for a practice with Family Night) that seems like an inconvenience to say the least. Last October you said you are looking into putting a parking structure on the west end of Titletown and I’m interested to know if there has been any progress with those plans..

The Giants defense took over from there, closing it out on Landon Collins’ fourth interception in the past three games and two stops, the last on consecutive sacks of Andy Dalton with less than five minutes to play. Green and Jeremy Hill scored on a 9 yard run that was set up by an 84 yard kickoff return by Alex Erickson to start the second half. Mike Nugent kicked two field goals for Cincinnati (3 5 1), the second giving the Bengals a 20 14 lead early in the third quarter..

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