Beyond Westinghouse, costs soared after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima because of growing safety concerns and stricter regulations. Toshiba still faces the challenge of decommissioning the plant, which sank into multiple meltdowns after the 2011 tsunami in northeastern Japan. A souring of sentiment toward nuclear power in some countries, weaker oil prices and the growing appeal of natural gas have also hurt its nuclear energy based business strategy..

You might not have noticed, but I started a new podcast a few months back. While it’s often Waldo level hard to spot, there has, in fact, been a new episode embedded in every column I’ve written since the end of last year. The initial idea was that each episode would be centered on the topic of my column that week.

In 2007, with the NHL switch to Reebok Edge jerseys, the Oilers kept their team colours but changed the style of their jerseys. In 2008, the Oilers introduced a new alternate jersey resembling their away jersey from the 1980s. In 2009 10, this jersey became the Oilers main home jersey, and the old one became their alternate.

It wasn’t a typical church service. There was no singing. No preaching. The bidding is on the contracts for all 27 buildings, said Paul Burt, manager of building, planning and licensing laws with the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.get all bids we do it that way because we get a better price. Even though we issuing orders and demolishing private property, we still have to issue a tax bill on people accounts and we have to do the work in accordance with a lot of regulations, but we also have to do it as cost effective as possible, said Burt.Burt added that there are a handful of contractors who usually bid on the tender for projects like this, but there is a process to make sure the public and companies who haven bid on CBRM contracts have an even playing field.demolitions we have roughly 10 contractors that we deal with not exclusively, but they been kind of pre screened and pre qualified by us and they have all of their paperwork on file, said Burt, who added that this particular project is significant and the CBRM is making sure it done by the actually such a large tender that the rules say it has to be advertised publicly on the provincial board as well as in the paper, which will open it up to basically any legal bona fide contractor who wants to bid on it, said Burt.Currently, Burt said there are about 600 vacant homes in the CBRM that are a safety risk and pose other problems for the communities they are located in.reason we demolishing these buildings in the first place is because they declared dangerous. They dangerous to anyone on the property, but also to adjacent properties and the communities they in, said Burt.they catch fire not only do they burn, but neighbouring properties do as well.

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