One woman who didn’t want to be identified told KXAN she moved to the neighborhood in 1986 and was one of the first couple of people to move into the development. The cave was open then and she and her husband would walk down into it to collect rocks. She hadn’t thought about it since then but wondered Thursday why the cave hadn’t been filled when the houses were built on top of it..

Monday wraps up our Sports Weekend package in a big way. Our focus of course will be on the Lions, but we’ll have roundups and reports on all the pro games. And for fantasy football players, we’re adding full game summaries so you can add up the points your players tallied during Sunday’s games and start thinking about the next weekend’s lineup..

Died SunSay iq Stockholm after a lengthy illness. She was 67. Mrs. Classes will resume Feb. 1 at Converse High School and Pleasant Hill High School in Sabine Parish. Both campuses were closed Jan. Yet another scandal is engulfing college basketball. A federal indictment accuses two officials for Adidas, the athletic shoe company, of paying recruits to attend certain schools and use certain sports agents once they turned pro, thus burnishing their shoe brand. Assistant coaches at four schools were named as alleged conduits of six figure payouts.

The longer you have them, the better they are. I think you have to go to a team that’s committed to running the ball and wear down defenses. If he does that, he’ll definitely have a great career in the NFL.”. It was the second most passing yards in NFC Wild Card playoff history (NO QB Drew Brees vs. DET, 2011). Saturday will be the Packers seventh primetime game this season, including their third on the road.

I declared and a team didn grab me, I was blessed to get a call from the Edmonton Eskimos, said Noil, whose stock seems to have dropped following a trio of suspensions involving a pair of arrests for marijuana possession over a period of 13 months leading up to the draft. Great to come out here to Canada and tear it up. Not the first NCAA player to run into trouble with marijuana which is on track to be made legal in Canada by as early as Canada Day 2018 nor is he the first Aggies receiver to grace the Eskimos current roster..

There nothing like a dispute over words to get Canadians to pay attention and in this case that might not be a bad thing.outcomes of recent immigrants have shown that integration is not automatic, says the report, which surveys emerging problems with immigration flows and the pressure it putting on Canadian sectors. Ethnic diversity divide splits Vancouver from hinterlandWhile some Canadians behave as if it xenophobic to question immigration policy, immigration rates and their results, the sweeping in house government report, titled Evidence Based Levels and Mix: Absorptive Capacity, does exactly that.The report, obtained by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland, shows integration of immigrants into Canada, despite relative success here compared to most countries, is faltering in regards to housing, jobs, health care, education, religious tensions, ethnic enclaves and transit. It wants policy makers to adapt.Some pivotal points:Immigrants are struggling with housingLike millions of Canadian born residents, immigrants are battling to afford adequate housing, especially in major cities.

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