While you probably know Airbnb as a short term rental service for rooms and apartments, this tour is part of the company’s social impact initiative. Airbnb now offers tours and events that allow users to explore the arts, history and more while uncovering a different side of a city. One hundred percent of all experiences go to charity, and the Divorce actress is one of the latest celebs to sign on.

38 Years between Mississippi State selections for the Patriots. When the Patriots selected OLB Matt Wells in the sixth round, he became the first Mississippi State player picked by New England since LB Ray Costict in the 11th round in 1977. Some other notable draft droughts were ended involving SEC and NFL teams this year.

They see that. I’m a good person. I know how to lead, I know how to work. I talked to a co worker about what happened and she said her husband and 3 little kids were there, also GB fans. Some grown man walked up to her son(who was maybe 8 years old) and smacked the brim of his Packer hat. Smacked it! A grown man did this to a little kid! After they won! The Seahawks are a great team, no one will argue with that.

(Yeah, New Jersey second favorite son is involved. Rock to a report in Forbes, the nascent On Location Experiences raised a cool $250 million in just six months last year, and its inaugural Super Bowl was a smashing success. Cardinale RedBird Capital Partners and Pyne Bruin Sports Capital are all in on the venture, which combines the impossible to replicate adrenaline rush of live sporting events with carefully curated fan experiences: special musical performances, athlete meet and greets, behind the scenes tours, exclusive tailgate parties, VIP event and facility access and more..

If Arkansas, because they lost this game (because Pryor The Cheat played), starts 10th instead of fifth, and two teams ranked Nos. 8 and 9 in the preseason rankings go undefeated, then Arkansas is up the proverbial creek. So allowing the players to dramatically alter one game potentially was a multi million dollar decision.

“This is the best group in the NFL,” he said of the team’s tight ends after Tuesday’s organized traning activity. “I’m not afraid to say it. It’s hands down, and there’s guys that unfortunately won’t be here with the numbers it’s just you can’t keep that many guys.

And it’s the first Pride House in Asia.Mixing sports and politicsRippon is one of two openly gay American athletes to represent team USA for the first time in the Winter Olympics, along with freestyle skiing’s Gus Kenworthy.Initially, the pair did not shy away from mixing sports with politics.In January, Rippon criticized the White House for tapping US Vice President Mike Pence to lead the official American delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic opening ceremony, according to USA Today. After he made those comments, USA Today reported that Rippon declined a request to meet with Pence. The vice president’s office later said he never reached out to set up a conversation with Rippon.

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