He smart to the point of he and I are going to continue to dialogue like Carson and I did during the week. I want to make sure there are plays in his plan that he comfortable with and that he likes. I want him to speak his mind just like Carson would, and we keep going.

The FBI are searching for a male suspect who attempted to rob an Arvest Bank in Independence. (Surveillance pictures provided by the FBI)A male suspect entered and left through the west door of an Arvest Bank in Independence where he tried to rob the bank. (Surveillance picture provided by the FBI)INDEPENDENCE, MO The FBI are searching a male suspect who tried to rob an Independence bank on Friday afternoon.

Trump has said he gets most of his exercise playing golf. The American Heart Association has said the best types of exercise increase the heart rate and make a person breathe heavily, but that activities like golf don provide as much cardiovascular benefit since they don require much extra effort. The association suggests players walk the golf course instead of renting a golf cart.

In terms of NCAA at large selection, this will remove an imbalance and place the Ivies on par with those conferences that already have post season tournaments. Including these games is an absolute joke and just “games” the at large selection system. Hey, we can really jack our RPI and SOS by going to a double elimination tournament! Kudos, I guess, to the Ivy conference for protecting it’s own, but bah on the NCAA!.

The latter apparently is legal, while the former is still being investigated. But like Trump’s legal, if often shady, dealings, some of Clinton’s associations and loyalist interventions carry an odoriferous whiff. These sorts of high level maneuverings are, besides, the provenance only of the wealthy and powerful and would at any other time in modern history leave most Americans cold..

An isolated shower or two later during the day cannot be ruled out. It is much milder, with temperatures near 40 degrees. Temperatures continue to climb into the 40s to near 50 degrees by Thursday afternoon. So many thought this would be a positive year for the Knights, moving from six wins to possibly eight or nine victories. UCF is currently 10 0. And with a win over USF at home on Friday would go to 11 0, win the division, and host the AAC title game a week from Saturday, most likely against Memphis.

We prepared very hard for the last week and a half, and we still have got a couple more days to get out there and tone some things up. But making a prediction that you are going to go out there and make it happen are very tough words to back up. That Burress is backing down.

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