You do have a cultural thing going on, I think driven by the digital age, which is that no longer do we have generations that all have to wear the same gene. Every generation wants to have its own thing. And they want to discover a show one of their other friends hasn’t seen or they want to discover something that is different.

More than 200 university students from around the world are competing in Hawaii’s first ever International Maritime RobotX Challenge.”There’s a lot of pride that does into what they’ve been doing,” said Daryl Davidson, executive director of the AUVSI Foundation. “They’ve been working on these boats, some of them for years. They’re coming out here to show off how smart they are, how good their boats are, and sort of the design approach that they’ve taken to make their boat compete in a very difficult obstacle course.”Maritime RobotX is open to the public.

The takeaway Washington State: The undersized defensive line for the Cougars was overmatched, constantly getting pushed off the ball. It was only the second time this season the Cougars allowed an opponent to rush for more than 165 yards. Arizona had 310 yards rushing.

“I’ve been more impressed with him as a leader this year than I have any other year. Unfortunately, obviously, he hasn’t had the type of season that he hoped for. We haven’t had the type of season that we expected. We persist in automating existing processes rather than asking the question, ‘How do we eliminate the processes and make it simple?’ says Mittelstaedt, is now experimenting with new technology known as radio frequency identification (RFID) in which tiny chips embedded in products or packaging emit radio signals to hand held receivers. An employee could use the system to quickly count how many units of each product are on the shelf simply by walking down the aisle. The technology could streamline Wal Mart inventory management even more than today’s scanner technology..

Michigan past traditions and what fans think about the coach equates to zero pretty much in the mind of most star high school players. All the great schools have all that stuff. The wolverines are wide open soon the recruiting front will rank there with Ohio State and then BCS victories.

Sure, Barry Bonds was probably pumped up with steriods tighter than carnival balloon. And sure, since ’01 he’s lied on the stand about steroids in baseball, and been dragged through public humiliations galore. But no amount of tarnish can cover up the historic significance of his record breaking home run on August 7th, 2007, in which he hit his 756th home run, overtaking Hank Aaron’s longstanding record.

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